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Jaeho Kim
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineeing, Seoul National University
Ph.D., 2024 ~ Present

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2022 - 2024
M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2016 - 2022
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Korea University

S. Jung, J. Kim, J. Bang, and J. Choi*, "A 45-fsrms-Jitter, 144-to-162-GHz D-Band Frequency Synthesizer Using a Subsampling PLL and a Harmonic-Boosting Frequency Multiplier," IEEE RFIC Symposium, June 2024. 


J. Bang, S. Jung, J. Kim, S. Park, and J. Choi*, "A Sub-50-fs RMS jitter, 103.5-GHz Fundamental-Sampling PLL with an Extended Loop Bandwidth," IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters (SSC-L), Aug. 2023, invited from IEEE 2023 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

J. Bang, J. Kim, S. Jung, S. Park, and J. Choi*, "A 47fsrms-Jitter and 26.6mW 103.5GHz PLL with Power-Gating Injection-Locked Frequency Multiplier-Based Phase Detector and Extended Loop Bandwidth," IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Feb. 2023.

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