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Younghyun Lim and Jeonghyun Lee, under supervision of Prof. Jaehyouk Choi, have been selected as the “Best Paper Award” winners for the 16th IEEE RF/Analog Workshop, which was held in Jeju, Korea.


The IEIE RF/Analog Workshop is one of the major domestic workshops on semiconductor circuits. Annually, prestigious semiconductor circuit designers from industries and universities have attended this workshop, and showed state-of-the-art semiconductor technology. The “Best Paper Award” is an honorable prize which presented to an outstanding paper showing great outcomes.


In this work, the authors designed a new low dropout regulator (LDO) for analog/RF circuits, which had high power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and a fast transient response while maintaining a low dropout voltage and a large load current. The prototype circuit was fabricated using a TSMC 40-nm CMOS process.


  • Authors: Younghyun Lim, Jeonghyun Lee and Jaehyouk Choi

  • Title: A –72-dB 1-MHz-PSR and 13-fs FOM Capacitor-Less LDO with 0.1-V Dropout and 200-mA Load         Current Using a Loop-Gain Stabilizing Technique in 40-nm CMOS

  • Workshop: 16th IEIE RF/Analog Workshop

  • Presentation date: September 9, 2016

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